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Business Development Client Liaison:
Daylight Digital, a digital publishing platform – is a high-end fine art and photography digital publisher of custom interactive, multimedia-based books and apps for iOS. Daylight Digital concurrently releases a free app every week, featuring a curated selection of images by a leading contemporary artist.  Daylight Digital allows collectors to access, and understand contemporary art.  I am a collaborating partner bringing together the creative community, and arts institutions with commercial ventures looking to create a unique marketing product for their constituents.

Creative Director, Communications Director:
GIFEW, The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women, is a unique educational platform - in which individuals can experience their power as a woman in collaboration with others. The focus is on life long learning and self-discovery based on the idea that one’s authentic identity can be expressed in business, relationships and in the world, not only to achieve personal fulfillment but to benefit others as well.  The Institute empowers women to develop productive, high-quality relationships through coaching, in-person programs and online multimedia seminars.

Workshop Instructor: Steps to Success for Photographers:
The Los Angeles Center of Photography – (LACP) is a practical and educational photography platform devoted to advancing the skills and increasing the personal enrichment of photographers of all experience levels and ages.  As the West Coast’s largest non-degree based school of photography, LACP offers a broad range of coursework, ranging from photojournalism and fine art photography to studio photography, portraiture and business.  A Certificate Program is available.  Steps to Success is designed for photographers seeking to advance their careers.


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