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My story

I am a creative collaborator.  I illuminate the creative brilliance in others.

It all began with the smell of crayons and the crunchy sound of blunt-nosed scissors cutting through construction paper.  Still makes me smile.  And then there was the glitter and glue.  I was going to be an artist when I grew up.  I drew everything and fell in love with the shades of graphite on paper – smooth or with a tooth.  I painted and sculpted and loved it all.  And one day I discovered the magic that is photography – the rare alchemy of art and science and I was smitten.

Ultimately, I became a responsible and successful adult in the business world – fortunately remaining deeply involved in art and photography.

Today I am a creative collaborator with extensive knowledge in entertainment and high-end celebrity portraiture, fine art photography, production, marketing and public relations.  I graduated with honors from UCLA’s fine art department having majored in art and photography.

My career began at ABC television where I headed-up the west coast network photo department, overseeing publicists, photographers, producers and editors, where we were responsible for the advertising, publicity and on-air promo visuals for series, movies and specials on the network – taking glitter and glue to a whole new level.  While at ABC, I established lifelong relationships with many of the world’s foremost photographers.  My roles included art director, producer, editor and curator, overseeing events, publications and photo-publicity campaigns.  I chased that magic moment at every shoot, when all of the creative elements aligned.

Further pursuing my passion for photography, I joined leading international stock and syndication agency Corbis, to direct the west coast activities of the high-end celebrity portraiture division. Again I worked directly with the industry’s most talented photographers, reps and publicists.  Our clientele included motion picture studio executives and publicists, magazine photo editors and publishers, digital labs and studios.

Built on the foundation of many valued relationships and experiences, I established an independent consulting practice, co-created the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women, and co-founded Scarletworks, a resource for serious and committed documentary photographers.  I continue to be a creative thinker, adept at designing and implementing strategies for producing images, marketing and publicizing exhibitions, events, and projects. I bring vision and expertise to create a unique perspective for various global platforms, including one-on-one portfolio reviews, career coaching and teaching workshops worldwide.

Whether I craft images myself or I shine a bright light on the creative brilliance of others around me, these experiences have been and will always remain enormously rewarding.  What is better than being mutually productive in the quest for self-expression?


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